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  1. Can I spot food I cook at home? Drinks? Packaged Products?

  2. Do you have an API?

  3. Foodspotting crashes when I launch it!

  4. How can I add a new dish or place in the Foodspotting BlackBerry app?

  5. How can I add my restaurant or business to Foodspotting?

  6. How can I change my profile picture?

  7. How can I change or reset my password? Forgot Password?

  8. How can I close/delete/deactivate/remove my account?

  9. How do I earn points or become an expert? Or, why did I become a Chicken Expert?

  10. How should I use Want It, Tried It, Loved It?

  11. I accidentally created two accounts with the same email address. What do I do?

  12. I can't log in using Facebook.

  13. I chose Share on Foursquare but it didn't work right!

  14. I joined with Facebook, what is my password?

  15. I want to be a Foodspotting ambassador. How do I apply?

  16. I want to participate in or host a Foodspotting Eatup! Tell me how.

  17. Is Foodspotting hiring?

  18. The Foodspotting app doesn't work on my BlackBerry. Help!

  19. What changes can I expect?

  20. What happened to Guides and People?

  21. What happened to my Dashboard?

  22. What happened to... (Dish Types, Follow Places & Dishes, Spot from Place Page, Add to Guide via Thumbnail, etc.)

  23. What happens to my photographs?

  24. What is Foodspotting and how does it work?

  25. What is OpenTable?

  26. What will happen with logins?

  27. What's up with the All Activity feed on Share? Why can't I "Great Shot" or "Great Find" everything?

  28. Why aren't my place edits appearing?

  29. Why did you redesign Foodspotting?

  30. Why doesn't Instagram integration work?

  31. Why isn't a certain restaurant on Foodspotting? How do I add a new place?

  32. Why OpenTable?

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