Can I spot food I cook at home? Drinks? Packaged Products?

Home Cooked Foods:

While Foodspotting is primarily about sharing food others can try, if you must share foods you've made at home, please enter "Home" and choose the existing Home location (address is "Private Location"). Your sightings will appear on your profile and in friends' following feeds but people won't be able to see your home address or location.


Yes! As long as it’s delicious and you’d recommend it to a friend, we encourage you to spot beverages. Juices, cocktails and wines are some of our favorites.

Packaged Products:

We'll admit it... we're suckers for things like Candy Corn Oreos. So we welcome sightings of both national and local packaged products, as long as they're edible and publicly available. So please share where you found them so we can try them too!

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