What happened to Guides and People?

We've simplified our navigation to focus on the two main things Foodspotting is about: 

  • Finding great dishes
  • Sharing great dishes

Because following friends, posting photos and creating and following guides are all ultimately about sharing great dishes with others, we've grouped all of these features under "Share Great Dishes."

  • Follow People
  • Follow Guides
  • Spot (which you can hide/show using the camera icon)
  • Your Friends' Sightings and Activity
  • Guidance for first time users!

And under "Find Great Dishes" you can:

  • Find a particular dish that you're craving by name ("noodles") or type ("red velvet").
  • Set your location or pan and zoom the map to fine tune it to see what foodspotters, friends and experts love in any neighborhood, city or country.
  • Look up your favorite restaurants to see what's good there.
  • Keep track of the dishes you Want, Try and Love using the star icon.
  • Hide the ones you don't want to personalize your experience.

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