What happened to my Dashboard?

There are two main types of Foodspotting users, those who use it to primarily find places to eat and those who use it primarily to share dish recommendations with friends. So we simplified our navigation to offer both types of users a clear entry point:

  • Find Great Dishes (formerly Explore)
  • Share Great Dishes (formerly Dashboard)

While Find is the default now, our hope was that people could simply bookmark their preferred entry point.

We also cleaned up Share so you can simply focus on discovering great dishes via your friends without distraction of stats, notifications, interface chrome, etc. taking over the whole page.

Here's where you can now find various Dashboard features:

  • Friends' Activity and Spot (which you can hide/show using the camera icon) can be found under Share. Just keep scrolling!
  • Find People and People You Follow can be found under Share > Find People
  • Notifications are always available via your profile picture in the upper right
Here's what you won't be able to find quite yet:
  • Stats, Follow Foods and Follow Places are temporarily unavailable but we're working on finding a new home for them, but don't worry, your information has not been lost!

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