Why did you redesign Foodspotting?

We've spent 2012 making the foodseeking experience on mobile really shine:


But discovering great dishes via the website has never been quite as easy. Like every busy startup, we've bolted on so many features over the past 2 years that they were drowning out the actual FOOD.

So we set out to reimagine Foodspotting and achieve the following goals:

  • To unify the site and apps
  • To transform the website into a "bookmark-worthy" destination
  • To make it easy to share any great search or dish you might stumble upon
  • To let the interface fade into the background so the content can really shine
  • To make people hungry!

With the new Foodspotting website, you can navigate our collection of over 2.5 million dishes from around the world in ways that were never possible before. Learn more and see a few of our favorite discoveries on our blog announcing the redesign:


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