How do I earn points or become an expert? Or, why did I become a Chicken Expert?


We developed the Foodspotting reputation points system to recognize quality contributions to the Foodspotting community. You can earn points in the following ways:

  • +20 for every sighting
  • +25 whenever someone loves something that you spotted first
  • +20 whenever someone wants something based on your sighting
  • +10 whenever someone compliments (“Great shot!” or “Great find!”) your sighting


Experts are people who’ve spotted five or more foods with the exact same name (or with names that include certain keywords). When an expert says they love something on Foodspotting, their vote counts more in our Best algorithm.

  • Spot 5+ to become a Bronze Expert
  • Spot 10+ to become a Silver Expert
  • Spot 25+ to become a Gold Expert
  • Spot 50+ to become a Platinum Expert

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