How can I post to Foodspotting using Instagram?

While Instagram doesn't let almost any apps post TO Instagram, you CAN use Instagram to post to Foodspotting! Here's how:

  1. Connect your account here
  2. IMPORTANT: Type ONLY the DISH NAME in the caption field plus the tag #foodspotting, #food or #fs. This will be the dish name on Foodspotting.
  3. Be sure to specify the restaurant name.
  4. Add any other commentary in a SEPARATE comment.
  5. Your photo will automatically post to Foodspotting!

We're planning to give this integration a lot more love soon, but in the meantime, you may encounter a few issues:

  • If the restaurant is not in our database, your photo may not post.
  • You'll need to use Foodspotting to say if you loved the dish.
  • Many people can't resist the urge to add other commentary to the caption field, resulting in some crazy "dish names" on Foodspotting.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for how we can make it better!

Our original blog post on the integration:

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